Thursday, March 18, 2010

$12 Not Worth It

Above is the cute shower curtain I bought 2 weeks ago at Meijer. On the cheaper end of things, I went for the single curtain-vinyl so no separate liner needed. $11.99

Wouldn't ya know it, it was a WASTE! I still love the color combo in the stripes, love the ducks, but the darn thing already tore at one of the ring hooks. After only 2 weeks! And the boys weren't hanging on it or anything. I'm disappointed in Meijer's product, and I think this will be the last time I do the single curtain. Bathroom frustrations...not related to going to the bathroom. Huh. 

So at Target today I found the cheaper fabric curtains-$9.99. The bathroom is painted a bright blue, so we opted for yellow:

a closer look:
Eh. Now that's it up, I don't like the look of it as much, but it'll serve its purpose. Probably for longer than the $12 one pictured above.

How do you have the showers in your home? Single curtain or curtain with liner?


Greg said...

I kinda like the yellow one you have there. Maybe the photo makes it look better than it really does.

I have a fabric curtain outside and a vinyl liner inside. I've always preferred a decorative fabric curtain over the single vinyl liner.

Amy said...

I have a single vinyl curtain in the kids' bathroom. But no rings -- it threads right through the shower curtain rod.

Could you maybe find some cute ducky wallpaper border to bring the fun back?

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Fabric curtain in my boys' bathroom with vinyl liner that I can just toss a few times a year when it's looking yucky.

Life is too short to clean a plastic liner!

MG said...

I'm with Diva Mom Vicki... I just change out that liner when it starts to get too worn. I opt for the fabric curtain everytime :)

Sharon said...

And of course this was the first time I didn't do the liner w/ fabric curtain. Figures!

Vicki, I'm with you. Up until this lousy attempt, I'd always get fabric w/ liner. When you can replace the liner for a buck, why not!? Plus most of our fabric curtains can go in the washing machine.

Amy, love the idea of wall stickers. I may have to look for some. :)

Come on now, everyone! Post photos of your own shower curtains. LOL

Sue said...

curtain w/ liner. I like the yellow one-now come over & cut my grass!

Molly said...

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Andrea said...

I personally LOVE the yellow fabric one better. It looks great. :)

I have that kind - vinyl liner (dollar store) and fabric on the outside. One is from Target and the other I made myself (super easy.)

Love the photo's, thanks for sharing. Sorry that it was a bust at Meijer.

Bethany said...

I love the yellow one! I'm trying to think what I have- I'm guessing a pal tree one since that's the theme of my bathroom? It's just a plastic one though, nothing fancy...

Hyperactive Lu said...

I like your new curtain and I think it goes with the wall color.

We have a shower liner and a fabric-y shower curtain. Not sure why, but thats what we had growing up.

Sorry you've had issues with shower curtains/liners. I hate buying new ones. Our liners only last a few months and then they have to be replaced.

Crystal said...

we just use a decorative plastic liner, that I got on clearance at meijer for the boys/guest bathroom. Its clear with a world map on it (we rarely ever have guests overnight). Since E has a love of maps and A enjoys looking at them too, it was neat to just happen across it. Our bathroom has a separate tub and shower so the shower has a door on it. Now that I'm thinking about it though, I dont remember ever using a fabric curtain and a plastic liner, always just the liner. Is that weird? We just replace them as needed.

On The Fly . . . said...

we have had the same curtain in our bathroom (fabric) since we were married in 2002!
we use a plastic liner of course which does NOT last but . . . it is a fairly in expensive thing to pick up every 6 months or so.