Monday, April 12, 2010

6 fine years

My oldest, Aidan, turns 6 today. That's more than one hand, ya know. ;)

He's sitting here with me, eating his jelly toast for breakfast watching a cartoon, eager for everyone else to wake.
I'm sitting here in disbelief...six? I mean, six?!

It dawned on me I never shared his birth story, seeing as I didn't start blogging until almost 2 years later.
So if for no one else other than my little family, here goes:

Aidan was born on Easter Monday. I started labor Easter Sunday, 1 week 1 day before my due date. At my appointment that week I was only dilated slightly-not even a full centimeter.
Contractions were sporadic and not predictable yet, so we carried on with our Easter plans. We were living in Michigan, joining Pat's side in a family get together (Moose & Jen's).
While there I had some good contractions..Pat's sweet Aunt rubbed my feet trying to ease my discomfort, but I didn't know yet if it was the real thing or not.

The day was uncomfortable but not alarming, so we went from a day full of a family party to home (an apartment at the time).
We attempted to go to sleep. Except from about 11pm until 1 am I was miserable. I mean, the feeling like your bum is going to explode from pressure, and no matter what position, you ache. You hurt.
I moved from the bed to the couch, tried laying on my side, pacing, and it only got worse. Pat was a great sport about it all, with that cute first-time-dad attitude.
Finally by 1am we called the on-call doctor, which was not my doctor. I explained how I was feeling, and he told me that it's my first baby, I'm a first time mother, it's probably just Braxton Hicks, and I probably have at least 2 more weeks. He rambled on about how many women's first babies don't come until after the due date, and it was still a week until mine.
Finally I had a good one while on the phone, and told him it was burning, I mean burning.
So get this--he told me to reach to the netherlands and make sure I couldn't feel the baby. AHHH!
I was freaked out. Fortunately I could NOT, but he said come on in to the hospital, warming me I'd probably be sent home.

Well it was a 45 minute drive to the hospital from our apartment. It got worse, and that car ride was no picnic.
They got me into triage, hooked me up to the monitors, and finally got some student or resident to check me. Have I ever mentioned that I despise cervical checks? HATE.
Anyway, my doctor was mentally told to EAT HIS WORDS, because I was dilated to 5. Ha!
At which point I said "give me the epidural as soon as possible!".

There were some issues:
I did have the epidural, but I still felt most of it. I had horrible burning in my left hip.
I had the oxygen for a bit, and Aidan's heart rate dropped, if I remember correctly, so I had to lay on one side for some time.

They were scared that the cord was wrapped around his neck, scaring me, of course.
They had to break my water.
They used forceps when I was pushing.
I remember watching the Ellen DeGeneres show while delivering. (ha!)

He was born early afternoon, with a head full of dark hair.
He was a moody little thing. An adorable, kissable, moody little thing.

And here we are 6 years later, hard to believe.

Aidan is my creative and artistic one.

 He is thoughtful, wears his heart on his sleeve, and always comforts people.
He loves space, dinosaurs, robots, and aims to make this summer the one to ride his bike without training wheels.

He's my farmer-at-heart, waking super early each and every morning. (4:45 one morning last week).
He's an amazing big brother.

He made us parents, and we feel so blessed to have him.

Happy Birthday, Aidan! We love you!


Sue said...

aww, Happy Birthday Aidan! we love you!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

(but aside from the sweetness, gross on how a baby is born!!!!)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to a very special boy!!! I still remember talking to you that day and you said, "He' perfect!" in a tired, whispery,amazed new-mom voice and it made me tear up! We love you Aidan!!

hahaha to sue's comment! i definitely agree!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Hyperactive Lu said...

Happy Birthday to your 6 yr old boy! 6?!?! WOW! How big he is getting!!!

Mandy said...

Happy birthday to your son! Great cake. :)

Sue said...

every straight woman needs a little Ellen in her life. ;)

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!!!!! I can't believe he's six!