Monday, May 17, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?

Ours was nice. :)
We had Aidan's soccer game on Saturday (they won!), followed by a family outing to one of our MetroParks. It was a gorgeous day for the park (despite being a bit wet & muddy), and it was really nice to spend time together, in the fresh air, especially knowing that Pat starts back to class this week. Summer sessions are always much more hard-core and busy, so it was nice to get in the quality time.

The water levels were high, but it was gorgeous.
We found the covered bridge & loved walking that path. Even better was finding the unique play area at the end.

The best part of that crafty little park? This cool thing:
It's the coolest version of a spit&sin I've ever seen. Or a stand&spin, depending on how daring you are. We did both, and you can bet I'm including Pat & I in that! See:
Of course, it makes you incredibly dizzy, so you could end up like this:

We enjoyed the hiking, cooler-than-normal weather, and all the fresh air. 

Some might say we enjoyed it for too long, checking out these red faces:

Maybe we're just living life to the fullest. ;)

Oh, and we finally watched the movie Avatar. I thought it was good, but not as good as I expected based on all the hype. And it's my opinion that it didn't need to be so long; a shorter movie & they could have still ended it well.

So, that's our weekend. How was yours?


Stacey said...

The "spit&sin" sounds fun :)

Bethany said...

Fun, fun! My weekend was non-stop with the graduation and packing. I'm looking forward to relaxing some this weekend :)