Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was Like Watching a Baby Being Born

Brennan finally pooped on the potty. And I'm not talking rabbit-sized droppings, here. I mean the kid

It was like watching a  baby being born.

Brennan was on the potty, nervous & scared.
I was sitting next to him, looking down there to see his progress.

Brennan wanted to be done, I was yelling "PUSH BRENNAN!"
He'd grunt & push...

He was shaking.
He was sweaty.
He was crying.

I'd yell again "Push Brennan! You can do it!!!"
More pushing.
More crying, sweating, exhaustion.

"You can do it, Brennan! PUSH!! Push it OUT!!!!"

The time has come.

Finally....finally it happened.
His business was done.
He was still shaking, but he sure looked on at his work in the potty.
He looked on with pride. I looked on with tears in my eyes.
My boy did it.

And it kinda felt like watching a baby being born, with many of the same words being spoken. ;)


Sue said...

huh-I'm very happy for you in a gross kinda way.

Andrea said...

lol - you are one strange girl. J/K!!!! ;)

Bethany said...

LOL!!!! Oh my gosh, poor kiddo. You're hilarious though. Almost as funny as PB on the phone the other day.

Amy said...

Congratulations! What does one send as a gift on this occasion?