Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Top 10

Aidan's last day of school is a week from today.
In his nervousness & excitement, we've been making lists of what we look forward to this summer. (since Aidan loves school and never wants to miss a day, we need to ease his feelings about not being in school).

So here is a list of our Summer Top 10:
-in no particular order-

  • Summer Rec Programs, which start a week after school ends. Aidan is signed up for tee-ball, a one day Science Camp, Sponge Painting Camp, ad another arts & crafts thing. All but one day during the work week are busy with summer rec programs!
  • TOY STORY 3 comes out! We plan to go see it as a family. I can't wait!
  • My parents 50th anniversary party in SC. There has been so much work & time put into this, and these past 2 weeks I've been really busy bugging people for pictures for the slideshow. I can't wait to see my parents enjoy their party!
  • After the party is a week in their Gatlinburg timeshare! Unfortunately Pat has to come back home for his class, but we hope to make the best of it. Aidan loves to see his southern cousins!
  • Sometime this summer (probably August) we also plan to go up north to the cabin. Pat went there growing up, and it's a beautiful gorgeous place that offers many good memories. Northern MI is truly beautiful. So different from the lower peninsula.
  • Playing in the sprinkler and kiddie pool!
  • Family bike rides
  • Aidan plans to master riding without training wheels
  • Brenna being potty trained! (we're about 95% there!)
  • There is talk of going to see Eclipse while in Gatlinburg. I hope so! That JACOB is some HOT STUFF!
That's certainly not all I have to look forward to for summer, but a good list of 10. 
What are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

We can't wait for Toy Story 3 either - it will be my son's first movie in the theater!

Bethany said...

Very cool! I am not sure who Brenna is but I'm sure BRENNAN will enjoy being a big boy in undies all summer- no diapers wahoo! ;) I really hope I can get up to see you guys!

Sue said...

um, Haleigh & Jack are not "southern cousins"!!!!!!!! mabe you meant Sebastian & P, or Nolan, but they have western & Yankee blood!!!!!!!!

Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like a great summer!

Sue said...

there is no "talk" of seeing Eclipse in TENN-it WILL happen!

Nothing holds Erin back-and there will be shirts made!!