Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

The scene: 2 kiddie pools plus the sprinkler next to them. Water toys. Buckets. 
And in our not-typical heat of 90+ degrees & high humidity, good ol' Patrick put the canopy shade over the bigger pool. (fair skinned kids=need for shade!)

Big pools are fun, yes, (ya know, the kind that require chlorine;), but these pools are so much fun, too. Every kid needs them in their childhood.
Plus it allows us parents to snatch those picture moments that would look dorky in years to come:
Hee-hee. I can't help but laugh when I look at this. 
Not just because he was wearing goggles in 1.5 feet of water. But, well, LOOK at it! He looks hilariously dorky! I love him. :)

Brennan loved the water, too, especially pouring it all out of the pools. WHY do kids love to pour it out of the pool?!
It was really nice on Saturday night, when the pools were first set up. The boys were playing well, it was a little shady in the backyard, and Pat & I each had an adult beverage to enjoy while sitting and watching the boys. It was one of those moments where you feel "yeah, my life isn't so bad".  It was good.

Yesterday (actual Memorial Day) we went to our little downtown's parade. The boys always love it. I'm not sure which they enjoy more--having candy thrown at them, or seeing the firetrucks at the end.
Goofing off before the parade, sporting our patriotic colors
Aidan proudly waving his flag

Brennan too
Rightfully so, everyone applauded as the military passed by. Always puts a lump in my throat.

Good thing we got out early! This was our weather shortly after the parade ended.

Memorial Day 2010. It was nice & fun with just our little family. I hope yours was, too!


Amy said...

Your description of Saturday night sounds heavenly. And you look soooo tiny! Quite jealous over here (she said as she licks Reese's Peanut Butter Cups off her fingers...)

Andrea said...

Yes, why do kids insist on dumping the water out of the pool. Weird! :)

Love the pictures and I agree, all kids need a pool like that. I wish we had a better yard for one - for now the driveway will do.

Our little parade comes right by our house so we hang out on the porch, fun times.

That weather was NASTY we got it too.