Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White...CHRISTMAS

I heard that clip on the radio today. There was an advertisement for a "Christmas in July" sale.
It's been in my head ever since.

I'm not dreaming of Christmas (just yet).
I've been dreaming of another home, a bigger home. Hopefully our next house will be such a home.

Lately I've felt cramped and slightly claustrophobic in our house.
Grant it, it is a small house, but people get by in houses this small with more members in their family.
Deep down I know we made a good decision buying this house-it's our starter house. It's better than renting, and we've already built something up should/when we sell.
We live in a great area, and our town is one many people want to move to.
According to our newspaper, our first year living here, property value increased around 13%.
This year (already) it's estimated it's increased 12%. It's looking good.

But this house is a small ranch with no basement and a single car garage.
it's around 1056 sq ft., I believe. Like I said, small.

In my mind, a house like this would be my dream home:

I think Victorian homes are beautiful, and I love the gazebo porch. I don't need 3 stories, but I'd take it.

I don't think this will be our next home. I don't think a home like this will ever be one we own.
I do think our next home will be 2 stories with a basement. I do think it will be fitting for our family at the perfect moment.

Until that time comes (or until school starts back and we feel some more space;), I'm thinking of the above picture. It's my motivation to stay frugal and save for that next house. :) 


Crystal said...

That house is gorgeous! I absolutely love Victorian houses!!!

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

My dream house is a colonial on a wooded lot. Just like the one my in-laws live in. Too bad they live 4 hours away. Love to look at the Victorians, but they're not my style.