Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Living Room Paint Color

The beige wall behind the couch, prepping to paint (hence the sheet over the couch)

My men priming the wall, working hard

BLUE! We have more work to do, as well as the job of hanging things back up on the wall.
But this is the new color. Patrick picked it out. 
I like the color, still feeling out if I like it on that wall.

What do you think?


Bethany said...

Hmm...I see what you mean. I do like the colors but maybe put the blue on the opposite wall with the tv? Do you have any pics of the whole room? I know that's a hard angle to get.

Sue said...

ok, LOVE that color blue but w/ the red furniture I actually liked the tan color better.
But I know NOTHING about decorating!!

Aidan looked very sweet next to Pat :)

Nell(Janelle) said...

I loathe painting! Something we need to do soon, too. I'm not looking forward to it.