Friday, October 29, 2010

Beaming with Pride!

Aidan brought home his 1st Quarter report card today.
I am so very proud of him.

2 awards (ribbons) for this quarter: perfect attendance for quarter 1, and HONORS!
His teacher commented that he participates very well and always tries his best.
What else could I ask for?

I have to say, too, that his teacher is a tough cookie. I really like her. She pushes the kids to their fullest potential, even if it means to do 2nd grade work in the 1st quarter of 1st grade. She's been teaching for 36 years, lacks no energy, and Aidan has already learned so much. Homework every night, tests each Friday.
He definitely works for his grades.

He's balancing it well, adding in Scouts and Soccer.
I'm proud of him.

I didn't expect, having played the role of "teacher" first, to get this emotional over his grades (on the parent end).
His education is truly an investment, and we're so blessed with a great Catholic school.

We're going to celebrate! First up for Aidan, earning some time to play on the Wii. ;)


Amy said...

Woohoo Aidan! Way to go!

Sue said...

that's awesome!!!! Great job Aidan!!! xoxoxo