Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Menu...Ghostly Goodies :)

Do you have a Halloween tradition when it comes to food (other than stealing your kids' candy;)?

We have fallen into the tradition of making pita pizzas for dinner each Halloween.
I know a lot of people do Chili.

There are a lot of cute ideas out there, and I think we'll take be having some extra fun meals in there as part of celebrating fall.

Some examples:
Mummy Dogs
Lit'l Smokies(R) Mummy Dogs Recipe

(we make ours without cheese, and often using turkey dogs)

Boo Brownies (we made these a few years ago for Sunday school)

Apple Bites (1st year doing these)

All fun stuff! I'd love to add some festivity-with-food while my boys are still young enough to not think it's corny. 
I have some good ones for Thanksgiving...but that's for next month. :)

Any fun Halloween food things you do?

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Bethany said...

Ummmm, those brownies look yummy! I don't have any other foodstuff to share..hehe!