Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He Earned His First Badge

Aidan earned his first Cub Scout badge last night!
I'm so excited for him & proud of him.
It's the first thing I guess they all do: recite the pledge and show the handshake. He memorized it and recited it with no mistakes. Go Aidan! ;)

I love the satisfaction he feels from Scouts, and that sense of belonging. He's really enjoying it, and it's only just begun.

Last night's meeting was long. It started at 7 and they didn't get home until just after 9. (thank Pat for taking him!). I was concerned about Aidan because he woke yesterday at 4:55 in the morning.

The Scouts & their dads were asked to make a creative cake, with no help from mom.
Aidan & Pat did a great job. Even though it was rushed, I think they had a good time.
And from what I hear, Aidan was very happy to show his cake.
Check it out:
ignore the umbrellas...

They made a rocket ship cake! (ignore the umbrellas...they were the only toothpicks we had, and it was simply to keep the saran wrap from pulling on the frosting. Not a part of the cake!)

This was right up Aidan's alley. The boy loves to cook, bake, etc.
They had fun. :)
Now we need to buy his Cub Scout uniform~ he has a badge to get sewn on!

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Sue said...

Way to go Aidan!!!! :))

btw, Jeff is very good at sewing badges. ;)