Tuesday, November 09, 2010

STAMP! Certified Failure

I can't seem to go more than a week or two without feeling like this stamp belongs on my forehead.
And perhaps I am the cause of it, myself.

This "failure" I speak of...much of it could be prevented if I didn't play mind-reader, or pretend to have the ability to transfer my thoughts into the heads of those people that live with me. I'm quite outspoken, yet apparently I've been doing some of this transferring. 

My problem with it? I don't want to seem so needy or constantly ask others to do things for me. I can feel my mother within me in that sense.

So I mentally ask, have a conversation with myself, and ultimately notice that things I wanted others to get done aren't done. I then feel "FAILURE" coming on. Be it vacuuming, bending over to pick something up, etc...if it "gets left for me" I feel like a failure for needing to have help, while also failing for not getting the point across that I won't do it/can't.

Same feeling, different situations.

The issue with our last landlord: turns out they still want to bully us into paying them probably at least half. It stinks, because I without a doubt feel they deserve not a penny more from us. And we could certainly use that money. 

Our blue living room, the one since before Labor Day. I knew right away it was too blue/bright, yet I've waited for someone else to paint it back. Fail. Why not just do it  myself? I bought primer the other day, and I'm going to see what I can do. 

The boys not listening to me, Aidan claiming to not know what the Ten Commandments are...parent fail. Mommy fail.

Ugh. Some days I'd think this stamp belong nowhere near me.
But not today,


Amy said...

We all have those days and they definitely don't feel good. You ARE a good mom and wife. Hope your day gets better.

Sharon said...

Thank you, Amy.

Sue said...

you are too hard on yourself! If you want to stamp your forehead maybe a fall decor would be nice. :)

BTW, I'm running on 4 hrs of sleep-Jack had a horrible night & back to the doctors we go!

Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh, I'm so sorry.... but you are NOT a failure! By any means! I am still praying for those stinky old landlords. UGH! :( I hope you have a wonderful day full of encouragement and kind, listening and obedient boys!