Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: I hope yours was delicious and warming. 
It almost didn't feel like Thanksgiving. It was warm(er) than usual for us (not today!). After hosting last year, it felt too calm this year. 
Not to mention the first 2 hours the boys were up, they bickered almost nonstop. That made me cranky.

BUT, the day was enjoyable. We got to watch most of the parade. Pat made homemade pumpkin pies. I got to shower in peace. We went to my in-laws' in Michigan and had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Aidan & Brennan had a blast playing with their cousins. It was adorable seeing them have so much fun.
Not to mention we got to meet our new niece Cordia, as well as see another niece, Mackenzie, we haven't seen since September! She's changed so much & is so so cute.

I'm thankful for my in-laws' hosting this year. 
I'm thankful for my family, for my energetic boys, this healthy pregnancy, and a loving husband. 
God is good.

I missed out on a lot of pictures, but here is a semi-recap:

Aidan inspecting the rice krispie treat footballs

Homemade pie crusts Pat was making
fresh pie, not canned

Aidan & Brennan playing Thanksgiving morning
Brennan excited to see a train at the parade
Family picture on my in-laws' porch

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful family! Love a preggo mommy. *HUGS* I miss you.