Thursday, December 16, 2010

What a Week!

TGI...crap, one more day until Friday.

It's been quite a week already.
This is part of why I like blogging. Posts like these enable us to look back at a later time and appreciate our life, as well as say "yeah, it was worth it".

Monday was a snow day. It was pretty outside, we didn't have to leave the house, it was nice. The down side was Aidan would not have gone to school anyway. :( My poor boy was running a fever.

He rested all day, seemed to feel a bit better....and then bedtime came and he ran a fever through the night. Tuesday he was home from school (there goes perfect attendance! 1st day absent), miserable. Achey, lethargic, etc. I felt bad for him. Being sick on Tuesday not only meant missing school, but it also meant missing his Christmas program that evening. Boo to that.

Thankfully he made it through Tuesday night fever-free, so Wednesday was his day to remain fever-free so we could make sure he'd be good to go back to school. His appetite was back & he was acting more himself.

I was now the problem. I went to bed Tuesday night feeling achey and with a sore throat, woke up Wednesday feeling even worse, adding to it a horrible headache. Thank God for my amazing husband. He took the day off so I could rest, and he took care of the boys. I slept until NOON...even pre-child days, I was never one to sleep until noon. I'm not feeling 100% today, but better.

So here we are...Thursday. Tomorrow is Pat's graduation. It still feels surreal to be able to post that!
But with graduation and the party this weekend, there is so much we have to do. I'm stressing over getting it all done and wanting everything as perfect as possible.

If you have an extra, maid, chef, nanny....send 'em our way. I can put them to work!
I know seeing Pat walk in his graduation ceremony tomorrow night will make it all seem worth it. Being up there, cap & gown on, being an amazing example to our boys...lump in my throat.
Having everyone here on Saturday to celebrate with us will be worth it, too.
I can work through not feeling well and get this house cleaned, go to the store, etc. We can keep the boys up late and bribe them into behaving.

I know it's worth it.
It's been quite a week.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Glad everyone is better! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Andrea said...

I hope you're feeling better!