Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cillian: 6 days old

I can't believe this charming little man is already almost 1 week old. He's been such a joy so far. :)

Cillian really enjoys hanging out in his swing: (so glad we made that purchase!)

I also wore him in the sling the other day, which he also really enjoyed:
Today we had his 1st doctor's check-up. He did well, is already back to birth weight, and made it clear he does NOT like being naked! Could this be my little modest one?
(skinny little legs...)
His brothers adore him & race to watch his diaper changes. Brennan thinks his poop hilarious. Aidan wants to hold him constantly.

One week ago at this time we were finishing up a Euchre game with my parents, my belly was feeling funny & contractions were starting around midnight. 
And now here we are, holding him in our arms, smelling his sweet newborn head.


Shelley said...

Your modest one...hahaha!!!

He is so cute and I LOVE the photos. I've never really thought of poop as being hilarious, but then I am not a small boy. :)

Bethany said...

Sooo cute! I can hardly believe it. BTW, did you ever buy an Ergo or something like it?