Sunday, February 06, 2011

This Stuff Makes Me Too Happy

Good, no--GREAT--deals at the grocery store. :)
It's partly because I'm cheap, and partly because I love seeing how frugal you can be and get GOOD things.
These deals blow Aldi out the water, by the way. A few minutes of coupon-learning & price comparing, and you can get yourself some amazing deals, freebies included. :)
I shopped Kroger today.
Kroger isn't my "main" store. I prefer Meijer, but our local Kroger doubles coupons up to $1. You can't beat that! (Meijer only doubles up to 50 cents).

Today I got for FREE:
-Danimals kids' yogurt smoothies (Aidan loves these)
-2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste (free toothpaste; I love it!)
-Free Mentos
-Free gallon if ice cream

I got super excited to buy Progresso soup, Weight Watchers variety included, for 49 cents/CAN. That's a phenomenal price. WOOT!

I know I sound dorky getting excited over these deals, but this is one of the major ways I contribute to our family financially. Maximizing our savings, decreasing our spending, all while getting good things we prefer to buy, anyway. (I hate the argument coupons aren't worth clipping because they're only for things you wouldn't normally buy!)
When I can see such great savings, I feel I've stretched the family dollar in better ways.
If you have Kroger near you, check out their prices today. Tomorrow begins their new ad (though you should still be able to get free toothpaste there this week).

Happy shopping. :)
Have you scored any great grocery deals lately?


Hyperactive Lu said...

Awesome deals!!! I love getting a deal on groceries! :)

Sue said...

so miss Kroger!!!! mentos sell so well, why is that?