Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Surrender! Toughen Me NO MORE!

Yesterday I posted about how I feel God is trying to toughen me up, remember?


Well listen to me, God, PLEASE. Hear my prayer.
I surrender!
No more!!

For the first time ever, I had to go get Aidan from school yesterday. He had a fever, headache, eyes hurt, face hurt, etc. I suspected sinus infection.
Of course our doctor had no openings (changing doctors soon, I think)
Off to urgent care we go, for the 2nd day in a row.
Poor Aidan--double ear infection.
Doctor gives us a prescription.

We go to Meijer since they have a drive-thru pharmacy & I have 2 sleeping kids in the car.
After driving for 20 mins, I return to the pharmacy to learn that they do not have the prescribed medicine.
They called around town, and only 1 place did.
Luckily that place was across the street.

I go across the street,fortunately they have a drive-thru pharmacy (still 2 sleeping kids), and they immediately tell me they had ONE of this left, but it was EXPIRED.
Are you frickin' kidding me!?
I'm reaching the point of hilarity. It's laugh or cry, what am I to do?

Oh, and IF they had the original medicine, apparently there is no generic, so it'd be $50.
I said I didn't care, my kid is sick and I don't want to wait til tomorrow.

Pharmacy #2 tells me they can call around, but the other place already did that. They will call the doctor & ask for another Rx. I drive around longer.

It's going on 5:00 at this point. We left school around 2:00.
No food or drink. The kids are hungry.
Aidan isn't feeling well.
Cillian wet through his outfit, after projectile spit up because I nursed him in the car then didn't burp him.

The good news was, finally, the doctor offered another Rx, they had it, AND it was one of the free ones. That was the teeny tiny blessing in all of this.
We went through Wendy's & used our giftcard to get the boys dinner. (we were supposed to eat INSIDE to see the Easter Bunny). Dinner was covered for them, at least.

Sunday was the car trouble.
Monday was Brennan at Urgent Care.
Tuesday was Aidan at Urgent Care (& he is home again, missing more school).
Today I am absolutely drained & exhausted.
 I'm ready for a break in all of this.

God, please wait to make me stronger until my husband returns.
I feel toughened up already.
Taking all 3 kids to urgent care, waiting in the SUPER tiny room, Brennan fussing & being bad because he's half asleep, Cillian waking to nurse...I never thought I'd pull that one.
See? I toughened up.
Let's call it quits for now.
And while you're listening, Lord, please heal my boys. And PLEASE keep Cillian healthy!


Mandy said...

UGH. So sorry. Why does stuff like this always happen when a spouse is gone? *sigh* Thinking of you.

Amy said...

Sounds like you need a long hot bath and a long nap. Hope you can do that when Pat gets home.