Monday, April 04, 2011


Holy smokes, I'm the absent-blogger.
I have some posts coming up (aside from MPM) the fact that we survived the 5 days solo without Pat!
And pictures fo the awesome swords be brought back for the boys, and the gorgeous necklace he got me (he did well;).
Updates on Weight Watchers and weighing-in...


Time has been escaping me, though, and I think I'll get to regularly posting in a few months.
Not that many people read my blog any more, but I like it for my own looking-back.

Stay tuned...


PonderTexan said...

I still read your blog! Not every day but I check in from time to time! Amanda

Bethany said...

I read! I read! Granted, no one is reading my blog these days either, but I don't have time to post. Next week, maybe, say I every week. Hehe. Miss ya.

Amy said...

I read every post in Google reader... I'm just bad about actually clicking through to comment. I totally understand about being too busy to blog, though... just check out my own less-than-regular posting lately, LOL!