Thursday, April 21, 2011


Brennan turned 4 on Tuesday (April 19th).
Seriously, he's 4?!

Hard to believe my stubborn, feisty little man is 4, starting preschool in the fall.
The days are long, but the years short, aren't they?

Brennan's birthday was all about Brennan, of course: doing what he wanted to do. That meant going to play at Chuck E Cheese and eating dinner at Wendy's.
Before heading out we sang Happy Birthday & gave him his presents.
Prepare for picture overload!

 Aidan & Brennan playing in the can tell Brennan was thrilled to stop for a picture
 some time dressing up as SuperHeroes
 Batman & the Ninja
 Time to sing Happy Birthday, & this is Cillian's take on it
 That's FOUR candles now!
 lovable birthday boy
 Make a wish!

 present time...Aidan's gift to him first
 He's so happy to finally get a zhu zhu pet!
 brothers & best friends...sometimes ;)
 A license plate? For what?
 a Lightning McQueen HELMET?!
 A BIKE!!!!

 Yeah. He digs his new ride, alright.
 Playing at Chuck E Cheese: fun for kids, tiring for parents
of course a 7yo & 4yo play air hockey well. Pssh.

Brennan's birthday was a fun day, despite crazy rain, wind, and gloominess.
Brennan is a joy. He is a challenging joy, and it's rewarding to love him. :)


Bethany said...

Aww I love me a little Brennan Boy...guess he's not so little anymore...YAY for getting bike, Brennan!

Amy said...

I remember when he was born. 4 years already. WOW. Love the description "challenging joy."