Friday, April 15, 2011


How on earth is Aidan already 7?!

It's gone by fast...well, as they say, the days are often long, but the years always short!

I have to say, Aidan is an incredible kid. Beyond my bias, I can honestly say that several people have told us how caring and sweet he is. He has a huge heart, always tries to help others, loves God, prays for others...corny, it may sound, but those are great qualities. And Aidan has them.
We're very proud of him, and he is a blessing to our family.
He's an incredible big brother, smart student (honor roll all year! & his teacher is TOUGH), devoted. Just truly a blessing.

He had fun at Chuck E Cheese, and on his b-day, he took brownies in to school, then we had Cosmic brownies that evening at home (his choice). He got to open his presents from us once Pat was home from work.

And now, picture overload!
The newly 7-year-old before school, bonding w/ Cillian
 Cillian gave him lots of smiles
 after school, waiting for his brownie & singing Happy Birthday
 he blew out the candles before I could get a picture
 present time!
 Bakugan from Brennan! (on clearance for...$1.74! awesome)
 what could it be?
 the solar system night-light!
 opening what he said he wanted...
 and very happy with it. Looks good, doesn't he?
 father & son: 2 handsome guys
 opening the family gift (binoculars)
 This is what Cillian did during all of this
 checking out one of his tools
 oh yeah...boys will be boys, alright
 Brennan using the "binocwulars", as he calls them
 "check it out, mom!"
 the solar system night-light, which shows over Aidan's top bunk at night. He loves it.
It was a pretty good day!
Aidan likes his gifts, and he proclaims himself as a SEVEN year old.

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Bethany said...

HAPPY (way late) Birthday Aidan! It sure is birthday season over there, heh?