Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Vacation! Weeks 5 & 6

Ah, I slack in my sleep-deprived state as of late. I still plan to  get these boys of mine back when they're teenagers & crave sleep more than anything else. Bwhahaha.

Moving on!
We just finished up week 6, which means summer is officially halfway over. Kinda sad.
Weeks 5 & 6 we slowed down a teeny bit. Much needed.
I also slacked on pictures, but hey, I'm going off very little sleep here.

Week 5!
Started off with the 4th of July, our kids playing in the yard, and just being together as a family.
The highlights of week 5:
Brennan has his very own playdate. It's usually Aidan having friends over, but this time, Brennan did!
Theo & Brennan enjoying a snack (this boy was so well-mannered!)
 the boys had some time in the sprinkler
Pat's parents also came to visit! We enjoyed a trip to our Farmers' Market & then dinner.

 Week 5 going into week 6...we hit up the Imagination Station last Sunday
 great way to beat the heat!
 2 of my handsome men
Another highlight of week 5! For me, anyways.
We tried some new recipe & they were GOOD. All voted do-again. So folks, if you're wondering what to cook, here are some suggestions:
Berry French Toast
Zucchini Sticks (delicious! And I don't usually care for zucchini)
Lasagna Rolls (we'd do w/o spinach next time, just personal preference)
Orange-Crumbed Baked Chicken
Pepperoni Bites 
These are tasty even if you don't follow Weight Watchers. Trust me. And it's not like formerly-fat people want to eat just bland food. ;)

Aside from some good food, week 6 meant Summer Rec stuff: t-ball, coach-pitch, card swap ( Pokemon cards basically), Brennan's last story time at the library, The Closer premiering (heck yes I looked forward to that), and some playdates.
One playdate was at a park & we were there for over 2 hours! The kids played really well with their friends, and I enjoyed talking with the mom. It was win-win.

Here we are now, entering the 7th week of summer break.
Stores are filled with Back-to-School displays, uniforms, etc.
July is coming to an end.
It's going by so fast.

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