Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It Makes My Heart Ache

When you hurt my son's feelings, you hurt mine, too.
When you make fun of him, I feel that, too.  
When you exclude him, I feel it, too.

Today my heart aches for my son.
Things are a bit different in his social circle this year at school, and today he came home a bit saddened.
He's a sensitive person to begin with, but nonetheless, his feelings were hurt, and I hate it when he's truly sad.
Throughout the course of the day, someone made fun of the shirt he wore to gym. Being really into Pokemon right now, it made him bummed out (it was a Pokemon shirt...a time when I wish they also had gym uniforms!).

The bigger thing is that a good friend of his told him "you're not my best friend anymore".

Oh boy...

How do you comfort your child? At this age, for my kid, it feels like a break up, in a way.
Yet I know their interests aren't 100% the same, and he's made new friends, too.
Still, being told "you're not my best friend anymore"? Oh how that makes me want to go all ninja on a person or two.

I'm hoping tomorrow he can talk to this kid and straighten things out.
More importantly, I know the importance of continuing to pray for good friends in his life, and for him to be a good friend, too.

When he hurts, it makes me hurt.
And I don't like it.


Bethany said...

Aw, I'm so sorry for Aidan :( Poor kiddo. Kids and friendships can be rough. Did he come home and tell you, though? That's a good sign. I would never tell my parents stuff- they'd find out from other parents!

Lisa said...

I know the feeling, but good for you for knowing that you can't solve the problem. I remember when I was in first grade and someone made fun of me, just having my mom listen and feeling her love made all the difference. Obviously, it impressed me to remember it so many years later! I find praying to Mary when I'm sad about my children to be a great comfort. When we think of what she endured watching her son suffer, it gives us strength!