Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Little Pumpkin is 8 Months Old!

It's been the fastest 8 months of my life.
He's a sleep-resisting blessing to our life, and we all just love him so much!

At 8 months, Cillian is:
-enjoying solid foods, especially the Puffs and Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon
-Trying to take his first steps
-LOVES watching his big brothers. He smiles for them instantly
-He's around 15 pounds
-NEVER stops moving. Crawls constantly, and he's fast. Pulls up to standing all the time.
-He likes to feed himself, and is proud of his big messes
-Is happiest during family dinner, when we're all together
-He has 4 teeth, seems to be cutting 1 or 2 more

You're a true joy, even on the most tiring of days.
You have the best, bashful smile, and you're a huge blessing.
It's gone by so fast, almost a little too fast.
We are so grateful God gave us you, and look forward to all of your milestones.
We love you!


Crystal said...

Such a sweet post! You made this hormonal preggo mama tear up!!!! STOP THAT, LOL. Very cute pics.

BTW, my boys are going to be Mario and Luigi too! That's so funny!

Molly said...

I love that last picture...so cute!!

Bethany said...

His little smile in that last pic...I just can't get over it! Any way you can put that on your christmas card? tooo darn cute!