Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Chosen Ornament Is...

Christmases 1-5 my kids are given an ornament, typically Hallmark's Child Age Collection.
Once Aidan hit his 6th Christmas, it changed into him picking out an ornament for that year, to show for something he was interested in that year.
This year's ornament:
Tom & Jerry!
I personally love it. Love it.
The boys watch a lot of Tom & Jerry, it's classic, and I favored it as a kid, too.
I am happy with his choice. :)
Tonight it goes on the tree!


Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

Chris saw that ornament at Kohl's tonight and wanted it too! The Boyz are currently snuggled in my bed, watching Tom & Jerry on my TV :-)

Greg said...