Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's on YOUR Christmas List?

Not the list of what to get others, your kids, or anyone else. But YOU.
What's on YOUR Christmas list?
I'm nearly done shopping for my kids and husband, my parents, and we know what we're doing for my in-laws (just yet to do so). We'll need to get the teachers' gifts, but most is done. YES!!

There are always a million things on my mental Christmas/Birthday/Mothers' Day/Anniversary lists.
 Isn't that life?
If money was not an issue, I'd love to ask for a new area rug for my living room. I'd love candle wall sconces and a nice oval mirror for the living room, also a wall clock. 
I'd love a new bedding set.
A laminator.
A new CAR! (are you laughing yet?)
I would love to get my husband an iphone, ipad, and maybe a kindle if he was interested. 

None of those will be gifts received this year. Some days that bums me out, but in reality, we have all that we need, some of what we want, and a beautiful family.

Truly, the best gifts....presents...can be presence. 
I am thrilled to be going to SC for Christmas, and enjoy the presence with family we don't see often.
I am hopeful for time with my husband.
I have kids that make me pictures and cards, pouring their little hearts into it.
That is priceless.
Worth far more than the cost of an area rug, wall clock, ipad, or iphone.

I need to remember this attitude, this gratitude, when I finish my shopping. 
(But I still want to know what is on your list!;)

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Crystal said...

Isn't it funny how us moms always have a list of what "we" want but when you look at it, it's stuff for the house or for everybody to use, nothing truly personal for us? and then the things we want for our spouse or kids are always personal type items? LOL.
Me? my list is overwhelmingly simple for what I truly want. A happy husband who is excited about baby J. A healthy baby J and an easy (HA!) delivery. And of course for E and A to be healthy and happy. (of course that dishwasher would be nice, along with a new fridge and stove, LOL - ha, see what I mean? household stuff!!) For my hubby I got him a new ps3 game and I'd love to get him a new handgun and a bigger truck - if money wasn't an object. I can happily say I am done with kids, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and the only sibling we buy for anymore cause she's a kid herself ;) I think Jason wants to go get some stuff just from daddy to the boys but that's on him. I am officially done except stocking stuffers.

I'm glad you are getting to visit your family for Christmas. That is a wonderful gift in itself and I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and have a date night while you're there too!!! Hugs, my friend and again thanks for the other morning, it was great to see you and the scone and peppermint cocoa were to die for!