Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Busy, Fun & Festive Weekend

The weekend was busy, exhausting & fun! Every weekend in December seems to be turning into this, but hey, that's the holidays, right?

The weekend kicked off with our parish family group night: dinner, kids go off for activities, adults stay for fellowship, prayer, Advent discussion, and then we all come back together for dessert. We're establishing some good friendships and we are really enjoying this group. We watched 2 Advent Conspiracy videos. Ever see them? Here's a good one:

Did it give you goosebumps? Totally did for me. 

Saturday I did some volunteer work (more on that to come), and then we drove into MI to go see our niece in the Nutcracker. I was the only one to go see the performance (with my sil & bil), and it was so much fun. She was a baker and did a great job. I love the music for The Nutcracker, and I've always found Russian to be my favorite. And Fritz. Just love it!

Sunday was nasty weather. Rain, rain, chilly, just bla. Still, the boys had letters for Santa, so we went to see him! We're fortunate to have a place near us that lets you see Santa at no charge, including using your own camera for pictures.
Telling Santa what's on their list
Cillian's 1st visit to Santa!
Our 3 handsome boys
the tree we get excited to see each year
Santa Baby ;)
We have a tradition of taking each boy to pick out an ornament each year. What they pick should reflect their interests for that year. Brennan was beyond excited to pick his this year. After 2 Hallmarks being sold out, we lucked out at Kohl's, buying the last one, the display model! SPIDERMAN ornament! He was so excited, it made it all worth it.

The boys decorating their mini tree in their room
There you have it. A very busy, fun, festive weekend. :)


Greg said...

Wow! That was a great video!! I've been shifting towards making more and more homemade gifts. Busy weekend--sounds like fun!!

Sue said...

Cillian looks so cute!! :) The tree looks just like the one on Woodruff Rd. I took jack to see Santa & Mrs. Claus while Jeff took Haleigh roller skating. But Jack reminded me we still need to see the "real" Santa.