Monday, December 12, 2011

GREAT weekend

Another busy & exhausting weekend, but it was wonderful. I feel grateful that several times this weekend, I felt blessed by my family. Grateful with what we currently have.

Friday night was Aidan's school Christmas program. He was first a shepherd and then his class sang a song. He did a wonderful job and I'm amazed by how much he's grown up.

Saturday I did volunteer work, my in-laws took Aidan & Brennan overnight (yes!), and Pat, Cillian & I enjoyed a Christmas party, just adults. It was a very nice party with delicious food.

Sunday we went to 9:00 Mass, the went straight to Michigan. We met up with my in-laws, Aidan & Brennan, Pat's sister and her family, and their cousin. We spent several hours at the Henry Ford Museum.
The boys saw Santa again (awe-some Santa. Awesome) There were train tables, legos, a Wizard of Oz section, and so much more. It was great.

Brennan with his cousin David (below)

inside one of the huge trains
Aidan with Pat's dad
the museum has the Oscar Meyer Weinerbmobile, and near it is this play make-yourself-a-hotdog

The Wizard of Oz exhibit! The entire thing made me think of my sister & get so excited to see her soon.

the witch's bike
The Wizard of Oz, lego edition!
This sign at the museum made me think of my dad. If you know him, you'll get it.

the 5 of us (Cillian was asleep on Pat)
Pat's parents with Aidan & Brennan
Later we visited with just Pat's parents, then headed to his grandparents' house for dinner. It was so nice to see everyone.

This was put up earlier in the week, but I felt it was a good picture to end this post. :) The real reason we have these blessings, and why we gather to celebrate Christmas.
Thank God for a good weekend! I hope yours was nice, as well.
2 weeks (less) until Christmas!

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Bethany said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...your December has been as busy as mine. Hope you made it safely to SC!