Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sleeping With My Baby

Literally. :)
I've shared before how we've become a co-sleeping family. Now with our new son due to arrive any day now, the family bed has been heavy on my heart.

I was quite pleased to read Peggy O'Mara's recent article over at
Perfect timing!

Peggy O'Mara boldly writes, "We have set a cruelly unrealistic standard for infant sleep. We expect babies to conform to our adult world, and we justify coercing them when they don't."
She writes further:
"Convincing international research supports a parent's instinct to sleep with her baby. Cosleeping seems to have a corrective effect on the infant's respiration. The baby breathes more regularly when in skin contact with the mother. For this reason, too, cosleeping is protective against SIDS. One researcher even found that cosleeping was not only safe, it was twice as safe as not cosleeping."

The entire article is worth reading. Each paragraph has me nodding my head, excitedly agreeing and feeling more comfortable in our parenting style. On top of it all, it's great timing because now...I don't care so much that the crib is still in the other room. :)


Aldara said...

Co-sleeping is something near and dear to me heart:-). One of my fav professors of Anthropology...made this his whole career...well not whole...but the majority of his career. His name is Dr James McKenna and he is at Notre Dame. Look him up. When i get pregnant again, I hope to get a co-sleeper. We have a small bed as it is si it may be easier for me but co-sleeping is wonderful and so important. You and I have alot in common lol! Happy Easter!

Sharon said...

I love your passion for co-sleeping! :)I will look up Dr. McKenna.
I never thought we'd co-sleep, but all of that was before I even had a baby of my own. lol. Funny how perspectives change.

noreen said...

My mother told me that I didn't sleep soundly until age three, and how unhappy she was because of it. My daughter didn't sleep well...until we brought her into bed with us. I often wonder if my mother would have been happier had someone just taken her aside and told her 30 years ago that it is OKAY to be close to your child.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article.. my son is 13 years old. Although he doesn't sleep w/ us in our bed, he has his own bed next to ours. Me & My husband have our own bed and he has his own bed but in the same room.. so we all talk together before we go to bed. When I get pregnant again, I will definetly co-sleep. It's natural and wonderful. :o)

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)