Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Thursday & I'm Thankful

It's been a while since I've posted along with the Thankful Thursday meme, but I'm joining in again today.

-In a nutshell, I am very thankful for my husband. He knows me well enough to know when I need a break. He knows when to step in and tell me to take some time for myself. He is a wonderful father & husband. I am so thankful he is great with our children. I am grateful he will wear our baby and soothe him. I am thankful he is a great example for our 3 year old. I'm thankful he happily stays alone with the boys every Tuesday while I go to Weight Watchers. He has never once complained. I am so thankful for this great man in my life.

-I am thankful for the Weight watchers program! I lost another 1.2 lbs this week. I'm almost down 15 pounds in total now. It feels good to almost be comfortable in my own skin again.

-I'm thankful for an unplanned visit with my brother and sister-in-law yesterday.

-I'm thankful my 3 year old is fully potty trained, and he even sleeps in his "big boy" underwear and stays dry all night!

-I'm thankful my parents are coming to visit next month.

-Beyond belief, I am so thankful that my father is retiring tomorrow. His very last day of work as a full-time employee...long overdue. I'm very proud of him.

-I'm thankful for these posts. I too easily lose sight of the good in my life, and I let myself get angry. It's good to find a group of bloggers who post the good among the daily struggles.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Jennifer said...

so good to hear--I need a lift from you every day!!!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful heart, bless you.

nell said...

Fantastic hubby's are the best!

Robin said...

Welcome back. I liked your list. Your hubby sounds like the perfect man - good for you! And congrats on the weight loss - that is so hard to do. Good job!

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Good post. Hubby sounds like a real swetie. And weight loss too good for you!

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