Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Babywearing Story

So often when I am wearing Brennan out in public, I feel like a star.
It sounds corny, but it's true! I feel I get a glimpse of what the celebrities lives are like, with all the attention and stares...(OK, maybe that was an exaggeration!;)

Yesterday my wonderful husband surprised me and took the afternoon off from work. We have a busy weekend, so I was super excited.

We headed out to Kohl's for our first stop. Brennan was asleep, so I actually just left him in the carrier for the store. Sure enough he woke up, and I was questioning why I didn't bring in my Hotsling. We did alright, though, and I enjoyed holding him and carrying him for the short time he needed it. A few people gave us smiles, but nothing too exciting.

Our next stop was the mall, which was adjacent to Kohl's. Brennan was still awake, and I knew he'd need to nurse soon.
So out of the carrier he came, and directly into the sling he went.

We made it about 2 entire minutes before someone gave compliments. :)
We were stepping off the curb heading into JCPenney, and two older ladies had the biggest smiles on their faces and oohed & aahed about how cute he was "in that thing"!

About 30 seconds later, as we're entering the store, a few other ladies stop and just smile at him! The one woman said "he looks so happy in there!" (true), and they just said he was so cute with his little head sticking out.

I was noticing the difference in attention drawn.
No sling vs sling--people notice the baby in the sling!

The kids' play area is right near JCP. So we go over there for Aidan to let out some energy. We walk in there and I notice a young mom with a newborn. She's sitting there with her hands full; she's feeding her baby, and trying to maneuver her full-sized stroller out of the way of the running toddlers.

I admit I had a moment of pride, there. I actually had a moment where I felt like "we've got this down pat", at least for now.

We had our 3 year old who was listening nicely to us, walking by our side. Potty trained. Out of diapers, I tell ya! Using his nice manners and playing with other kids. No diaper bag needed for him.

Then we have our almost 3 month old with us. No bulky stroller to lug around in and out of stores! I was wearing him. ;) He was happy, I was sure happy to not have something on wheels with me...and people were just looking and smiling at us.

With my husband there, we didn't even have to bring in the diaper bag! He put a diaper and wipes in his cargo pocket, and we were all set. The burp cloth also fit nicely in the sling. We were truly hands-free! It was a great feeling. No stroller, no diaper bag, no bottles...a rare moment for me where I actually felt like we had things under control and it was working out.

I have to add that this mall has a fantastic family lounge. In the lounge is a family restroom, toys and books, diaper changing stations, a wipes warmer, bottle warmers, and 3 nice-sized nursing stations. Each station has a very comfy chair for the mom, a table with updated magazines next to it, and trendy curtains for privacy. I was so comfy in there nursing Brennan! Complete privacy, a nice chair; There was nothing else I needed for nursing. It didn't even feel like I was nursing in public!

Brennan ate well and started to get that tired-drunk look. I put him in the cradle hold in the sling, and sure enough, a few steps later he was asleep! He looked so cute and we were able to enjoy the outing.

I need to get more pics of me with Brennan in the sling and wrap. I'll post some soon.

Well that's my little story. I just felt so good about things at that time. I really wish I had a sling or wrap with Aidan when he was a baby!

Oh! I have to add one more thing.

This babywearing thing is addictive!

Thursday I was at our monthly NINO meeting. The topic discussion was on wraps this time, but of course there were many carriers there. It seems the mei tai is a huge favorite! I want one now. I really want one. The more carriers I see, the more I want. Too bad it's not a cheaper way of life! It's been added to the wish list. I will have it before Brennan is to big for it. (hint...)


Stacey said...

Everyone notices me when I've got Ace in his hip hammock too... because he tends to lean wayyyyyyyy over in it. It's not a defect of the product, it's just that he likes watching the ground when we're walking around somewhere. I don't get it.

I can't wear that thing anymore, it's too doggone uncomfortable. Oh well. I like the stroller.

Jennifer said...

Isn't it a great feeling when you know you've got it all right for once? Ahhhhhh! Like you can BREATHE for the first time in a long time and you're smiling inside? This post was a really encouraging one--it makes me want to go get pregnant and buy a wrap on the way ;o) (I want my wrap to say "bite me" for all the people who give the dirty looks--ha ha ha!)

toddler said...

I too am addicted to the baby carriers. I have the hotsling, ring sling, ergo and the name of the other escapes me (it has very long straps)......anyway, it is the only way to go with a baby and a small toddler......I don't know how you get through life without youngest is now one and walking but still love the ergo....I have now passed my collection to a friend who has just had a keep the baby carrying going.....

Kim said...

I've noticed the same thing...wearing Sophie gets lots of attention, especially when she's in the wrap. And it's all been good attention with the same type of comments that you wrote about...which makes me wonder why more moms aren't out there wearing their babies! It really does make life so much easier with 2 without lugging around all that baby gear...natural parenting really does simplify things! I want a mei tei so bad too...but theyr'e really expensive! My friend just bought one off of a woman who makes her own and sells them on ebay for only 30.00! I'll find the address and send it to you if youre intersted!

Amy said...

I wear BabyBoy in his sling (a new native brand) and I use it all the time, especially on Sundays at church. You're right... people notice! He's 1 now, so I know our sling days are numbered, but it sure is handy, and he loves it.

Alice Gunther said...

LOL, so true about babies in the sling looking irresistible!!!

I love your children's names, btw!, Inc said...

You go get yourself a mei tai! :) I love enabling babywearing! And to the person with the hip hammock, there are such better baby carriers out there that are not uncomfortable! Get to a NINO meeting!

Leticia said...

I enjoyed slinging my babies too. So much so, that I capitalized on it, and gave out a business card out to admirers, and got a small commission on three slings which my daughter sold!