Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Rockin'

At least Mary thinks so. :)
She named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Woo-hoo! This is my first time being named for any such thing with blogging. How sweet of you, Mary! Thank you!
She wrote:
Sharon at I only know you from our online contact but I am impressed by you. You have a deep faith, an amazing love for your boys, and you are driven to succeed in what ever God throws your way. I am glad to have met you at Catholic Mom Community and love sharing your adventures at your blog.
Mary is great. She balances her faith-filled life with 8 living children. EIGHT! (And, uh, I sweat it with just two!) On top of being a super-mom, she is just beautiful inside & out. She has tremendous faith in the Lord. Mary, you are a great example, and I am so lucky to "know" you through Catholic Mom and blogging! Maybe we'll meet at a CMOMC Gathering one of these days. :)
OK, apparently I am supposed to name 5 chicas I think are Rockin' Girl Bloggers.
First I choose an old "BFF", Jennifer. Fairly new to blogging, Jennifer has jumped write in (get it, "write" in?!) and shown us her love for her son, her talent in writing, and strength in beliefs. On top of it, too, she is a great mom! I've been lucky to know her for going on 16years now! I'm grateful to know her in real life. I'm especially blessed because she has made me a part of her family, as her son is my godson. I'm lucky to have such a friend! Her blog is worth reading to me because I nod my head constantly in agreement. Plus I love the pictures. ;) Love you, Jen!

Stacey is another Rockin' Girl Blogger. Oh my gosh, if you haven't stopped by her blog, you should! In the old school words, "Girl, you trip me out!". She is witty and open and I just always love my time spent reading her blog. She's another great mom, too. Her kid Ace has an amazing story, and we're lucky that Stacey shares it with us. Especially when there are pictures. Man, her boy is cute. And Stacey always makes me laugh. I'd love to meet her in real life one day. Maybe I'll just take a trip to the Louisiana/Mississippi area. ;)

Amy is also on my list. I don't know her too well, yet, but I always enjoy her blog and style of writing. She writes in a way every momma understands. I was first drawn to her cooking blog. I love it that she's a fellow Weight Watchers follower, and there are so many yummy recipe ideas on her site. Amy seems to balance life pretty well. :) I look forward to getting to know her more.

Angie rocks, too. Not only was she the brains behind the Catholic Mothers Online blog roll, she also started Tasty Tuesday! Creative one, that Angie. And she also shares her creativity with us in her etsy store, (One of these days I'm going shopping...) and Autumn Daisy blog. Aside from her creativity, it's easy to relate to her because she is a mom, too! I really enjoy your posts, Angie. :)

For my final pick I choose Shelley, the InsomniMom. I've known her for a while in cyberspace through Catholic Mom, but I am new to her blog. Let me tell you, Shelley has a way with words! I love it! Witty, witty, witty! Along with that wit is some great advice. She introduced me to Dave Ramsey. She also has a knack for making handmade soap. (FYI: just because it smells as delicious as chocolate doesn't mean you should eat it!) I hope to meet Shelley in real life one day, too. :)

So there you have it! My 5 picks of Rockin' Girl Bloggers. I could go on, because there are more, but I read the meme/tag lists 5.

Thanks to all of you for entertaining me with your blogs. All of your posts make me smile, laugh, tear up, and thank God you have a blog. Reading your blogs is my little escape throughout the day to refresh and face my two little men again and again. You all rock!


Stacey said...

Awww, shucks... thanks :) *blush*

Amy said...

Thanks so much! :) I read your blog almost every day... how did I miss this post? LOL! Anyways, thank you!