Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fun Stuff & Answered Prayers

I've started this post several times, but just now got around to finishing it. Busy times!
We were so super busy this past week. It seemed like we exceeded the number of hours in each day, walked a ton, and slept too little. ;) I'm sure you've all had weeks like that. (and usually around a holiday, too, right?)

The fun stuff...
My sweet little boy was given a cute sandbox for free! It's in good condition, too. He has had so much fun playing in there.
He's had some friends over to join him, too. We're so lucky. Otherwise, I don't think we would've paid the money to get it this summer. God has blessed us. We have very minimal space here, and the sandbox fits perfectly next to our patio. It's also a blessing because Aidan is actually content playing there by himself. I play with him when I can, but with Brennan it's not as easy. And we don't have a tremendous number of play dates around here. I'm grateful for the joy he gets out of this!

More fun...we had a great time celebrating hubby's birthday. The boys were super good and we just had fun together. Oh! And I also won a contest earlier in the week! I won a Droopy Knickers t-shirt for my little man! (Brennan) Contests are great. And the shirt is organic, super-soft. I can't wait to try it on him. :) (you'll see pics) Thanks to Skimbaco for that!

Then we had a great first 4th as a family of four. (yea, say that 3 times fast! lol) My in-laws joined us and we went to our first Toledo Mudhens game. The stadium was very nice, it was a great game (we won!), and the boys were, again, so good. It was such a good time. The boys are really getting to be so cute together. Brennan is smiling so much and really responding to us. Aidan sings him the Big Brother song from Caillou, and Brennan just lights up every time. I love having two boys! They are so adorable and make my world so worth it. It's beautiful watching them become best friends in action. ;)We are blessed with a wonderful family. Not just with Aidan and Brennan, but our parents, too. My in-laws are wonderful grandparents. The boys love them. Plus, (hee-hee), they brought us down enough meat to make two meals! Italian sausage...mmmm. Grill it, baby! They also pleasantly surprised in a way that answered prayers. Thank God!

My parents also answered a prayer or two. My husband has a business trip coming up (to Vegas, of all places!). I wasn't thrilled at the idea of being alone with the boys for several days. (Yes, I am a wimp!) I was somewhat nervous about it. My parents are coming to visit soon, and they volunteered to bring the boys and I home with them during my hubby's trip to Vegas! This is a double-whammy answered prayer. I've missed my family, and not only will I have help with the boys, but I get to go "home" to South Carolina and visit family & friends there for an entire week! My sister (who is also my best friend) lives there, too. I can't wait! I'll also get to see my goddaughter and godson. ;) Aidan will have so much fun playing with them.

It's so cool when you can see your prayers being answered. Seems God does hear us, after all. ;)


Alice Gunther said...

I am so happy to read about your trip! What fun!

Amy said...

Isn't it great when things just
"happen" to work out like that? Prayers answered, for sure! :)

Your boys are so cute!

Sharon said...

Thank you both for visiting. :)
Yes, it seems it will all work out rather well. I'm hoping so, anyway.

Thanks, too, for the compliment on my boys.

Alice-do you blog aside from the group blog you're on? I was interested in reading your posts, too. :)