Friday, July 20, 2007

MoBoLeez Breastfeeding Bonnet--Contest Time!

Breastfeeding BONNET, you ask?

I know. We've heard of the nursing bib and the nursing apron before, but maybe not the bonnet.

Thanks to the creator of Mom 4 Life, she is always finding great new products us moms could benefit from. Today on her blog she announced a contest to win one of these breastfeeding bonnets to try out.

A little bonnet for your babe to wear-cute! :-)

Click here to see the product and here for the contest info.

Good Luck!

PS-I was just checking it out again, and the brim has cutesy sayings available. "Yummy Mummy" on the outside, and "Hi Mummy" on the inside. ;) It looks like there is also a "Milky Way" one. :)


Kim said...

That's cute! Reminds me of how I use Sophie's little sun hat when I nurse at the beach..both to keep the sun out of her eyes, and it just happens to make for a great cover-up!

Heather L said...

Thank you for your entry Sharon to our giveaway! The winner will be posted on our blog after midnight PST on July 27th (Friday). Click here to see (the winner is shown with a YouTube video when I drop an egg in our home! You'll have to click on to see what I mean:). Our next giveaway will be posted at that time as well, enjoy!