Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the Subject of Vaccines...

In trying to keep this short, let's acknowledge that I've not held back when it comes to my stance on vaccines, the so called "immunization" shots.

This decision is one we've come to after much prayer, reading, research, and thought. It is not a decision we made lightly. Nor did we make this decision based on one person's story we read "online".

Having said all of the above, I want to point out two articles that recently caught my attention.

The first was mentioned over at BusyBusyMomma's blog. The article interestingly enough made an analogy: "Nancy Hokkanen came up with one of the greatest analogies ever to describe the autism and vaccine controversy and how it feels to us parents of kids with autism. She compared it to the Catholic Church's cover up of decades of sexual abuse."

Now after reading just that bit, I became flustered. Being a Catholic, I was defensive, as it seems the Catholic Church becomes an easy target for so many.

This was not about the Catholic Church in that aspect, however. Reading further, I understood it (though still slightly defensive), as the author of this article showed some respect towards the Church.

Aside from that, this was the bottom line: two dangers were/ARE being covered up. The Church has to immediately do something about it. There is law defined and punishment defined. The government & medical pros, however, don't automatically acknowledge there is a problem with the vaccines. It continues to go "covered up". People, mostly defenseless children, continue to go about being harmed by the ingredients of these shots, as well as the amounts "required" at such young ages.

A lot to think about, right?

Well, here's just a bit more for your head.
There has been a standing offer of at least $75,000 to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additives.

$75 THOUSAND. That's a lot of money.
And no one, not one single person in the medical field who proclaims the "safety" of these vaccines, has stepped forward to withstand the challenge.
Hmmmm . Interesting.

Especially when considering what Dr. Mercola points out, "With the average amount of loans for medical students now well in excess of $100,000 you might have thought some doctor would have tried to cash in on this so they could accelerate the payment of their student loans."

So why aren't they? It's safe to inject into the immature immune system, directly into the bloodstream, of millions of babies each year, right? Why can't an adult with a developed immune system handle this?

As usual my vaccine post is longer than I intended. If you've stayed with me this long, thank you. And I hope you have a second to read over some of these articles.



Jennifer said...

WOW!!! Great post! As you know, I am right there with you on this one! The $75000 thing is hilarious! Of COURSE they wouldn't drink it! But our children are "sheep", remember? And we should be happy to sacrifice a few "for the good of the flock"--UGH! Disgusting! Tonight I met a girl who is a therapist for autistic children and she was telling me some awful stories about how the children "came to be" autistic...YUP--after vaccinations! I could go on and on, but I won't :o)

Leticia said...

My six month old daughter had whooping cough as a result of her DTP shot, not one doctor in the ER Christmas Eve would admit it, however. They gave us a cool bath to lower her 106 degree fever, and charged us $500!
When she was 12 months, her pediatrician did NOT reccommend a booster however . . .interesting!
Do I sound a bit cynical? Not one shot has been given to her or her sisters since.