Monday, August 20, 2007

1,220 Miles Later (&photo overload!)

It's good to be home. It's always nice to go away, but always nicer to come home again, isn't it?
I am so pleasantly surprised by how well my boys did in the car for so long. BOTH of them!
I had expected the need to stop a lot with Brennan nursing, as well as Aidan being potty trained now. (you know, that tiny bladder!) My boys were so good. We really didn't have to stop that much, they slept well, Aidan made the entire car trip with no accidents, and both seemed content enough in the car. And we were in the car for quite some time. As I mentioned before, we drove down to SC with my parents while my husband was in Vegas on a business trip. Up until this trip, we hadn't been on this long of a car ride with Brennan, nor with Aidan out of diapers and only going on the potty. I was stressing about it.

The trip was nice. We left Ohio and drove to Gatlinburg, TN, where we stayed the night in my parents' timeshare room. Gatlinburg is gorgeous!
I've never been there before. I definitely want to go back there with my husband one day. Aidan couldn't wait to get out of the car and run around. He had fun going to the playground with his grandparents.
The next day we finished the drive to SC. It was so good to see my sister and her family. Brennan met everyone for the first time! He just loved my niece and nephew, and Aidan couldn't get enough of them, either. ;)
An added bonus was getting to visit with Jennifer & her son, Landon. I've been friends with her since 6th grade, and Landon is my godson. (I owe him a ton!) Her post has much better pictures, as you can see. Our boys had so much fun playing together. I was sad to have to leave! I really wish we could see each other more.

Visiting with family, friends, eating out (grrr...gaining weight), play lands, a train ride on George the train--it was a very nice trip. See you all again in SC in December!


Carol said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lovely time.

momwats8 said...

Aren't vacations great! Alot of work but wonderful just the same. I am glad you got to go. Yes - it is Christ The King at Dominoes. We will be there Sunday at 8:45 again and then we leave early Tuesday morning. Stay tuned to my blog for another post soon...