Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Mess with Momma!

They say don't mess with Texas, I say Don't Mess with Momma!
The momma being me. Grrr........(hear me growl?)

Sunday was a rainy day so we went to the mall to get out of the house. Aidan loves the play area there, and near the play area is a wonderful family lounge. The family lounge has a family bathroom in it, 3 perfect nursing stations (w/ comfy chairs, magazines, etc), built in diaper changing stations, a bottle warmer, multiple sinks, a TV, and toys for kids. It's a great place. Several times now I've taken advantage, going into one of the nursing rooms with Brennan. There's a curtain to close for privacy, and it's very cosy. I've never had any problems.

Until Sunday.

I had been nursing Brennan for some time, and he was almost asleep. I overheard a group of teeny-boppers come into the room (loudly). They were messing with some of the toys, making a few wisecracks, etc. I rolled my eyes, thinking to myself "thank God I'm well past puberty and not a teenager any more!". Those kids were too old to be in there (as they had no reason to be in there), but I knew they'd be out soon.
Then I heard a ton of giggling and one girl say "are those shower stalls?!", and her friend replied, "no, they're for breastfeeding!". Followed by a lot of [immature] giggling. Then a big hush came over the room. I thought the nimrods moved on about their teeny-bopper trip to the mall, you know, until their parents had to pick them back up.

So I'm nursing Brennan and his eyes are closed, almost fully asleep. I was planning to put him in the sling and go meet up with hubby and Aidan. Suddenly one of those teeny-boppers runs and thrashes open my nursing curtain, then runs off for dear life.

I was pissed. Totally pissed.

The rudeness of the youth today...and yes, I know I sound like some AARP senior citizen, but it's true. I am so sick of seeing this aged-person tramping around in public wearing clothes with foul expressions and thinking that the world owes them everything. (and where are their parents?!)

Fortunately this little missy wore bright pink leggings. You couldn't miss them. And I didn't.

I latched Brennan off and got myself together and stormed out of there.
Here I was trying to be discreet and respectful of others by not nursing in the open. I came into a specific place designated for breastfeeding. I belonged there without interruption.

So I found the moronic girl who thought she was so cool. I first handed hubby the baby, then said I'd be back. I found the girl with her friends, and asked her if she was in the family lounge. She stared blankly and said a weak "yes".

I asked, "were you the one who YANKED on the curtain while I was nursing my baby?!"

Girl "yea..."

Me: "well, I was in there nursing my BABY, my 4 month old tiny baby whom I could've dropped being startled by you YANKING on the curtain like that! A BABY. I was breastfeeding him in there and he could've gotten hurt!"

Girl "I'm friend said he'd be in there" (total lie)

Me: " oh really?! Is your friend BREASTFEEDING?!"

Girl: "no..."

ME: "didn't think so. Maybe you should come to the mall with your PARENTS if you can't handle being mature enough to come on your own! UNSUPERVISED!"

I went on to add, "Look, I'm not a bitch, but you had no business doing that".

Girl: "I'm really sorry..."

I thanked her for her apology, her laughing friends went off giggling, and I headed to fill hubby in on why I lost my cool.

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Before being a mom, I don't think I would have. But I am a mom. I was taking care of my baby.

It felt good to give her a piece of my mind. I felt slightly bad, but I not that bad. (lol) Think I was wrong?


Stacey said...

You GO girl!!

I'm surprised she apologized. There's hope for her yet!

Crystal said...

Go Sharon!! you did the right thing and hopefully she learned some respect from it.

toddler said...

I am so proud of you! You did the right thing..........maybe she will think more next time. There is so much outcry about nursing in public that you deserve peace and quiet when you do go out of public view...........thanks for posting!

Jennifer said...

Whoa, Momma! You KNOW what I think about this--Weren't we JUST talking about this last week? UGH! Can't nurse in public, trouble even nursing in some remote, private location---teeny-boppers raised to think BFing is something funny/gross...What is the MATTER with people??!! We need to stage one of those big public nursing things somewhere--NOW I get why those women did that. It just about babies EATING! We don't have to sneak into a corner to eat a sandwich behind a curtain! Maybe if our society hadn't sexualized the female anatomy so completely, people could go about their own lives and leave ours alone! Remember, you guys...our little ones are the teeny-boppers of tomorrow!