Thursday, August 02, 2007

Noteworthy Blog Posts

I've had such a B-U-S-Y week, I haven't had time to escape into blogworld like usual. (Ha! I don't usually have the time, but I make the time. I couldn't even do that this week!)

I've still been reading every one's blogs, though. To make a post for this week, I'm just going to mention some posts that I think are worth mentioning. ;) Check them out. Maybe you'll think it's a worthy trip, too.

-Great Parenting Advice over at Musings of a Housewife (I teared up, too!)

-An excellent post about vaccines and the choices we do have at Adventures in Babywearing

-Every parent could relate to this post at Catholic Dads if you have more than one kiddo in the house

-Angie offers a great way to look at housework; so does Mary, for that matter!

-Paul at Thoughts of a Regular Guy shared a thought-provoking clip on NFP vs. Contraception

-Check Mom 4 Life's blog tomorrow for a possible giveaway :)

Have a nice night! I hope to resume my normal blogging soon. If for no one else, then me! My own outlet. ;)

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Jennifer said...

I am behind, too! I am e-mailing you soon though-I PROMISE! And I'll have my creative genius flowing again soon, too (ha ha--yeah right!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you sent! Could eat those two UP!!