Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm Surrounded by Handsome Men

It was all clear last weekend when we were in Michigan for my brother-in-law's wedding. :)
My husband was a groomsmen, and my son Aidan was ring bearer. Being that he's 3, I was a little nervous how he'd do. But he was great! I am so proud of him! And this may sound dorky, but I seriously teared up as he walked down the aisle. I know he's three, but hey, it's my first time seeing him so grown-up looking, and walking down a church aisle with a girl! I know if he gets married, it will seem like tomorrow. It just goes by that fast!

On to showing off how lucky I am, being surrounded by fine looking men and all ;)
Here is a shot of Aidan before the ceremony began, all dressed up:
My proof: Handsome men! (L-R, hubby, bil, fil, other bil, son, and son)
Our family of 4!
It was the cutest thing watching them dance! I also learned my son is becoming quite the ladies man!
Aidan wearing the "party hat"
OK, some explanations. I call Aidan a ladies man because he is. My child has a love for dance, thank God. I danced all growing up, love to dance still, and we share that. You could not keep him off the dance floor! And I tell ya, he has moves! ;) People we didn't even know would come up to us and ask us if we taught him dance moves or if he took lessons. (shock!) He was so cute out there. A slow song would come on, and he just wouldn't get it. He also pulled every single girl out there under the age of 10. He didn't even give them a chance to decline the invitation. He eyed them up, and then dragged them on to the dance floor!
He did break his momma's heart, though. He would not dance with me! At all! I'd come close to him, and he would go the opposite direction! Apparently I wasn't as fun to dance with as the darling little misses that were there. I was heartbroken for the first time, realizing that he's already growing up way too fast *sigh* NOT TO MENTION he and the flower girl kept trying to kiss as the groom and bride did when people would clang their glasses! (and annoying tradition, I might add!)
Later on at the reception, one of my husband's more lively cousins brought out the party hat (sombrero). I don't know why, but sure enough he did and it was hilarious watching people put it on! Aidan especially cracked up. (OK, maybe I'm a little biased being his mom and all)
So there you have it. It was a beautiful wedding and great reception. I'm proud of Aidan doing a great job as ring bearer. And looking at the pics, I feel like a lucky girl with all these handsome men in my life! ;)


Crystal said...

you are such a great looking family! btw, your boys look so much like you!!! too cute!

momwats8 said...

Love it - what a great itme and great family pics!! We will be in michigan in 10 days for a two week vacation. i miss it. What church were they married in?

Sharon said...

Thank you both for the compliments. :)

Mary-they were married at Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn. Ever been there?

When will you be in MI? Oh gosh, if we were there the same time, I'd lvoe to meet you! (even if only for a few mins!)