Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Not Just WOMEN'S Rights

It's hogwash when pro-choicers talk about "women's rights". They opt against different wording because then it equalizes women and men, minimizing their argument that women have a unique choice when it comes to abortion. Every child has a mother and father, required for conception. So in most cases, each parent should have equal say in whether or not the baby is aborted. (I am 100% against abortion, but I worded it that way in making a point).

Funny, isn't it? In a nation when we strive to equalize women and men, the more liberal of our citizens restricts that equalization by taking away rights from men?

We can make them pay child support, pay bills, suffer in all other areas. We can lower their pay scale so as to equal women's, demand they be sensitive for our emotions, yet the moment they do all of that in regards to their unborn baby, we undo it all?!

No. It is hypocrisy and unfair. It's against their rights to parenthood. A woman's body carries the baby, yes. A man's body is involved, too, though. Simply because a woman carries the baby does not take away the man's role or choice for fatherhood and life.

More and more research provides us with the knowledge that men suffer from abortion, too.
So, the prompt for this post was this article: Men Can Suffer a Myriad of Grief Issues Following a Partner's Abortion.

Another worthy link: Men and Abortion and this one.


Andrea said...

I agree completely. Well put.. can I link to you?

Sharon said...

Thanks, Andrea. Yes, please feel free to link to this.

Stacey said...

I met a guy in a pro-life forum once whose wife aborted their nearly 7-month-old unborn baby without talking to him about it once. HEINOUS. I thought she should've been arrested. Needless to say, they're no longer together.

PB said...

Wow, Stacey's comment...

That's sad!

Sharon said...

I thought she should've been arrested.
I agree! How horrible! Why wasn't she arrested? What state was that in? I'm amazed some lawyer couldn't get a case out of that.
Poor guy.
And why did she wait so long? I mean, SEVEN MONTHS...uh. I shutter at the thought of all that pain that poor baby endured.

Stacey said...


And I'm right there with you, especially knowing that Ace was at 7 months 1 week gestation when he was born, and he darn sure felt pain. I think the wife had mental problems. (Um, obviously.)

The guy busts his hump to help women in crisis pregnancies now. He holds a HUGE baby shower every year in Florida, where a bunch of people and businesses donate new and gently used stuff and pregnant women and new moms can come get what they need for free. He works really hard, but obviously he can't get his own baby off his mind.

Jennifer said...

Oooh! Good point! In the same way some abortion supporters believe the baby "magically" comes to life when it pops out of the womb (and not a moment sooner, mind you), they also believe the fateher "magically" becomes responsible for the child when it pops out of the womb. "I wouldn't allow you to make a decision regarding your unborn child's life, but pay up now, Mister! Where's the love!" I'm babbling and tend to go on and on so I'm going to go--More later :o)

Loren Christie said...

It's refreshing to hear someone who shares my opinions! -Loren