Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pray, and Remember Today

It's been six years, but we all know what 9-11 means.
Today is that day.

We couldn't go long forgetting even if we tried, as the media no doubt reminds us.

I'm not going to offer my own memorial. If you're interested in my count of the day, click here for last year's post.

Today I am interested in offering extra prayers. Today I think of our troops courageously leaving their families & friends behind to serve our country, to protect us and our families.

They need prayers. As we remember why they are there today, please pray. Pray for their safety. Pray in thanksgiving for their courage and strength. Pray for their families suffering their loss, missing them. Pray they can come home soon.

I'm praying for them now. I'm especially praying for two good friends of ours. One is safer now that he is in Germany, but he flies weekly into the battle zones. The other friend, God Bless him, is still in the heart of the war. And he has at least 8 more months to go.

Remember it all. Pray.

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Ter said...

There is so much tragedy in the world as it is....why must mankind add to these tragedies?