Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ghosts, Not Spiders

I'm overly excited to send Aidan with a treat tomorrow for Sunday School. They get to wear their costumes (outside of Mass, of course) and bring in a treat. This is the first time I've been able to do this, ever. (as a mom. Did it plenty when I taught!)

I know most people go and buy raisins (puh-lease) or candy, or something. That's great. (really). But I wanted to be supermom to my fireman.I wanted to be the one to send in the cool snacks. Yes, I'm an over-competitive dork.
But in my head, I won. I won "coolest snack" over the other parents. Even though I don't know what those other snacks are yet. AND the fact that it is NOT a competition.

Yes, I need help. Therapy or something.

OK, so here is a picture of what I made tonight:Humor me. Don't ya just love my Boo Brownies? They turned out so much better than the Spiders I originally planned to make.
I would've lost if I sent Aidan in with those.


Stacey said...

oh my gosh, SO cute. The boy and the brownies. Awesome.

I'm pretty over-competitive too. I don't have the time to be, but I'm pretty much in-your-face about it.

Amy said...

Very cute! You get my vote for coolest mom! ;)

You will appreciate my story from Friday... we went to see DD's preschool class perform fall songs. We were instructed to bring a dozen cookies. Mine were the only ones that were close to homemade (from a tub of premade dough, I'll confess)... everyone else brought packaged cookies from the store. So I can relate to feeling good about the treats you send in! :)

Jennifer said...

This is so "me", Sharon!!! I started early byt doing this for Brian in elementary school (seems like yesterday, doesn't it?!)--I would always sneak by his school with bags of holiday treats or Strossner's cupcakes or something--I wanted him to be cool, too :o)

Now, with my own kid, I feel the need to make everything homemade--ha ha ha--I even made him a homemade birthday cake (don't ask what it looked like--OMG...).

I say, congrats on the big win!! In yo' face, Sunday school moms!

Angie said...

Very cool brownies! :)

My six year old is wearing that exact same costume this year!

Kim said...

Mmm, those look so cute and SO yummy! And I love Aidan's halloween costume...Jack was gonna be a firefighter, too, before he changed his mind to being a pirate! Anyways, I bet you'll be the coolest mom there!

Andrea said...

Those are so cute!