Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Getting ready to drive Pat back to work after lunch today, Aidan started to rush outside before we were ready to accompany him.

Politely, Pat said to him, "Just hold your

To which Aidan replied, "
What horses?!".

I love the mind of a three
& a half year old. :)


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love conversations like that. Lately, Landon won't let Andy strap him into his carseat. He screams, "No, Daddy, you're a bad strapper!" Today he yelled at me to stop bickering with Andy and when I ignored him, he yelled "Hey! Mommy! Do you hear my voice?!" Those everyday things are so funny--here's the kicker, though: a few months ago my mil told Landon to keep his eye on the ball when they were playing catch and he walked slowly (confused) to the ball, squatted down to the ground, and put his eye on the ball. We were rolling on the floor laughing! I love the pre-schooler mind!

Crystal said...

That is TOO funny!!!

Christina Martin said...

I love knowing that other 3 1/2 year olds take things very literally, too. You know, medical people never seem to get it. They say things at appointments like "hop up onto the scale." One said to hop onto a chair, and Hypertot looked sooooo perplexed as he tried to figure out if he could jump that high.

Andrea said...

I Love little minds.