Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who ME?!

As we were scanning our items at Kroger this morning, the check-out lady said something to Aidan about his candy and skinny mommy. Me!? Was she talking about me?

I was called skinny. I was called skinny. Me. Today.
I haven't been called that in a long time.

I gave her the biggest smile and told her she made my day.

I also told her I do Weight Watchers, which she showed some interest in.

By the way, I had my weigh in last night. And guess what? I'm down now a total of thirty pounds. :)


Jennifer said...

Thirty pounds??!!! You never even looked like you had thirty extra pounds to get rid of--I would say that definitely would make you "SKINNY!" Don't you love compliments from people who don't know you? It means a lot when they don't have a reason to compliment you--just being honest! I'm happy for you and you do look GREAT! (Pat's gonna get lucky tonight! J/K!) ;oP

Crystal said...

Congratulations! that is awesome. (btw, I really need to weigh myself, but A. I'm nervous that I gained back and B. I need a battery for my scale, LOL)

Stacey said...

Oh, you doggone hottie. Go on with your bad self.

Also, my word verification is "wufelven." I like that word.

Joel said...

Could that be a positive form of "be-littling?" :)

Sharon said...

Joel-good one. That humor is right up my alley. ;)

Stacey-"wufelven", eh? Yes, that is catchy. You should use it. Define it as Stacey's cool word. Hmm. Maybe a blog post telling us what it means? ;)

Jennifer & Crystal-thanks. :) It's good to be such a damn loser. lol

Jennifer said...

I dub you, "The Biggest Loser"! No, no, don't thank me! You deserve it!

(Seriously, though, do you watch that show? It's one of my faves!!!)

Christine said...

Ahhh, that is wonderful! What a way to make your day!