Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ewww. I think I'll Take Egg Nog!

And I don't even like egg nog. (bla)
How about you?

It sounds better to me than ham-flavored soda-pop, though. (no's kosher)


Amy said...

That's so gross-- who thinks of these things?

I don't especially care for that thick junk you get in a carton at holiday time. My grandma's REAL eggnog, though... I could swim in that stuff! It's like whipped cream in a cup. (Spiked with rum if Grandma's making it, LOL!) The recipe is on my cooking blog's sidebar if you're interested.

Greg said...

Egg Nog!! Yum!!

karen said...

egg nog always creates such controversy! it's a real love it or hate it drink. i happen to love it. but i like it cut with milk, spiked with rum, and sprinkled with nutmeg. i just had an egg nog shake at BR the other day that was outta this world delicious.

Ter said...

I refuse to even look at the link. The title of the link was gross enough!