Thursday, November 01, 2007

Poll: Most OK Birth Control for Schools

Poll: Most OK Birth Control for Schools

Um, no. Not quite. (Fortunately polls are not very reliable! And the poll creators tend to flock to the audience they feel will most agree with them. How is that reliable?)

While I'm not fully against schools touching on sex education, I do not think it's a school's place to offer birth control. If the action isn't allowed on campus, anyway, why should it be available there?

Not to mention we're talking about kids. UNDERAGE, folks!

I agree with this man: "It's not the school's place to be parents," said Robert Shaw, 53, a telecommunications company manager from Duncanville, Texas. "For a school to provide birth control, it's almost like the school saying, 'You should go out and have sex.'"

I already know arguments against this type of belief. But it's pretty simple. You offer someone something, make it all too available, and yes, it will put ideas in their heads. Maybe not for the first time, but it certainly makes it more inviting to go out and have irresponsible sex.

Let me also clarify a point here: It's still irresponsible even with the so-called "protection" or birth control. Yes. It is. They're kids. It's irresponsible to be so carefree and engage in sexual activity. Not only are these kids too young, but you know, sex really is meant for marriage.
I also say it's irresponsible on part of the adults behind this. How sad to rob these kids of the tiny bit of childhood they have left. Shove, plaster, and constantly offer birth control to them. Sure, after enough of it, they'll start thinking they should be having sex, and that it is fine and fine for them.

Trying to not go on and on, I'll just say that I agree with those who favor not offering it. I agree it hurts these kids. It does. To place this on them is robbing them of the childhood they do have left. It's making opportunity more available where opportunity shouldn't be.

Now off I go to consider homeschooling, once again.


Stacey said...

Don't worry, the pill won't do much for Aidan or Brennan. :)

Seriously though, this ticks me off. Whether or not you're against birth control, schools should NEVER provide this kind of service, because it potentially directly undermines the moral authority of the parent. If a parent's authority is undermined in any way, how can a school expect a child to mind his or her parents? Will that not trickle down to the child's behavior when in school?

You know what doesn't undermine parental authority? Hmmm... teaching math, reading, history, geography, you know, things that schools were CREATED TO DO.

In other words, I agree. :)

Andrea said...


I agree with you. It saddens me that people are so away from the truth about sex and it's purpose between a husband and wife.

I can't believe that they actually passed the law in Maine (I think that's right) to give children birth control at the junior high school, and they don't have to tell the parents or anything. *sigh* Don't people even think about the health risks with birth control? I know some people do not believe the way I believe about sex, but what about their health? I to could go on and on about this subject. It saddens me, it saddens me that I heard of a school who gave the morning after pill to freshmans w/o the parents knowing.

Parenting is getting harder and harder.

Are you planning on sending your children to a private school since your undecided with home schooling? I was homeschooled my entire life. =)