Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Right to Choose

I don't want my right to choose taken away from me. That is my right for me to decide what I feel is best for me or my children & family. It is not the governments' place to decide for me.

Do you think this is a pro-life/pro-choice post? It's not. (Besides, I believe the choice in that situation lies in the two people consenting to have relations, not as to whether or not the growing life is a baby. I fully believe in respecting life from conception to natural death).

This is about our right in areas of health care, particularly whether or not we vaccinate our children, partially vaccinate them, vaccinate on an alternate schedule, or don't vaccinate them at all (for informed, educated decisions).

Parents in Maryland right now have been ordered to the courts. Some may even face truancy charges, if their child is not vaccinated: "Any children who still lack immunizations could be expelled. Their parents could then be brought up on truancy charges, which can result in a 10-day jail sentence for a first offense and 30 days for a second."
Hmm. Why is it our nation advocates so strongly the right to deny life, the right to allow people to not work and depend on welfare, the right to abuse our bodies with pharmaceuticals, but yet this same nation wants to deny the right to vaccinate or not? Seems a bit contradictory to me.

Thanks to The Stump for their thought-provoking post on this, as well as Carol's at Parenting Decisions.


Andrea said...

I completely agree with you Sharon. I was reading something about the laws in the Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears that I got! Did you end up getting it? Things are really messed up in our country.

Stacey said...

Now see, that doesn't make a doggone bit of sense. I've gotten all of the vaccinations offered for Ace. I wouldn't care one bit if he was around Aidan and Brennan - in fact, I'd love for them to hang out. (of course.) I mean, he's vaccinated, why would I care if he was around children who aren't? If your kids are going to get sick, and in turn get other un-vaccinated children sick, that was a risk y'all were willing to take when you didn't get your children vaccinated. So why does the government stick their noses in that?

Dang. People need to mind their own bidness.

(Ron Paul wouldn't make you vaccinate your kids. I'm just saying. :))

Sharon said...

Stacey-that's a HUGE part of why Ron Paul is my #1 right now. :) (and thanks mostly to you, of course, for "introducing" me to him!) I really appreciate his views on health care.

Andrea-NO! I haven't gotten the book yet. I plan to borrow it from our library once they get it in. If I love it then, I'll definitely buy it.
Do you like it?

Andrea said...


So far I like the Vaccine Book. It seems to me (even though I haven't read the entire thing yet) he's more "for" getting vaccinated, BUT he isn't taking a stand (as far as I have gotten). =) There's a lot about "public health" and truthfully I'm not too concerned about that. There are a lot of other issues regarding public health that people don't care much about. Oh well, I could go on and on about that subject.

I'm glad I bought it (so far) just because it has a lot of info that I'll probably like to look back on - especially since I am still un decided exactly what to do with Landen. It mostly troubles me because we're planning on sending him to Catholic School, and there's the whole issue with having your child vaccinated, and him possibly (!??) bringing home something that the younger babies (already counting on more children) could catch. I'll let you know more. I hate to have a monster post. =)

Thanks again for telling me he was putting this book out.

Stacey said...

SWEET! My Paulvangelism pays off once more. :D

Jennifer said...

I want to say this infuriates me, but it actually SCARES me more than it infuriates me--I believe so fervently that I am doing the right thing (for US) in not vaccinating Landon right now that I am SCARED someone will either force me to vaccinate my son or throw my butt into jail...I wish so desperately that everyone would just read, listen, investigate WHY moms like us don't want to vaccinate our kids--I wish they'd stop using dangerous ingredients, put kids on a safer schedule, SOMETHING. I really agree alot with the things Jenny McCarthy has said on this subject (I wrote a post about different recalls and vaccinations that includes some transcripts from shows she's been on--in case anyone is interested.)--she basically feels that how the shots affect each individual depends on their own body chemistry--She feels that sometimes the vaccines (and vaccine dosages) TRIGGER other conditions/diseases/syndromes, etc to commence. I don't want to make this a huge comment, but I just want to stand up for myself--stand up for my right to make the best informed decision I know how for my child(ren)--and, of course, vote for Ron Paul--hee hee! Which reminds me--I have to post the picture of me and the R.P. together--Yeah, you know you're jealous!