Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday 13--13 Things I Did In College

(Years 1998-2002)
1. Met my husband. :)
2. Spent a semester abroad, visiting Austria, Poland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Prague. Switzerland, Lichtenstein.
3. Got my very first car (Honda Civic)
4. Became a teacher (early experience field experience 3 years, student teaching senior year. And don't let anyone tell you early experience is the same as student teaching. It is not!)
5. Worked as a university telemarketer
6. Got my first e-mail account (with Hotmail, of course)
7. Drove to Niagara Falls one night after a dance with a guy I sort of liked, and turned around to drive back after spending about 2 hours there.
8. Opened my first credit card. (mistake! lol)
9. Truly started to appreciate my parents as people separate from, well, parents!
10. Came to appreciate the value of a roll of quarters...for laundry, of course!
11. Lived in dorms-Tommy More, Kolbe-Clare Halls. Those were the good ol' days.
12. Ate disgusting cafeteria food, loaded with fat and lacking nutritional value
13. Figured myself out, learned what I wanted and believed in, and graduated with honors.

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Leah said...

We all learn so much from our college days. So you and your hubby are college sweethearts, that's nice. And with all your busy life, you managed to graduate with honors, well done!

Malcolm: said...

When I read your topic on the TT website, I was bracing myself for a little "Animal House"-style debauchery. It's nice to know that you obtained quite a bit of knowledge both inside and outside the classroom during your college years.

Country Dawn said...

I was a telemarketer too! :)

Nicholas said...

My first car was a Honda too!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Great list!! :D College is full of great memories (and some not-so-great)!

Holly said...

Ah I miss college days! (even though I was an adult when I went so missed the whole college life part...)

Happy TT-13!!


Denise Patrick said...

A great list. I may steal this idea - provided I can remember that far back! You obviously learned a lot your college years and got something out of it, too. Good for you.

Happy TT!

Sandy Carlson said...

You accomplished quite a lot! You sure did learn to appreciate lots of things early in the game! God bless.

Allison said...

Just a hello. The only difference, personally, between my college days and now is that I got out more. Now ask my about my Army days, and you'll get a story or two! :-)

Tink said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Nice idea for a TT.I might copy it, although my college years are somewhat lobger ago. :-)
Thanks for visiting my magic quotes TT. I'm late with my return visit, the flu got me!