Friday, December 07, 2007

Advent: Week 1

The first week of Advent is coming to a close. We focused our prayers on strength in God, identifying the blessings He has given to us, and how we can grow closer to Him. Our physical actions, we hoped, to better reflect Him in our lives.

Some pictures to share our week events with you:

Our Advent wreath
Lighting the wreath for the first time
Aidan concentrating on the prayers!
Some holiday Aidan was pressing the sugar cookies
The end result!Aidan's Advent wreath from paternal grandparents, opened daily
Aidan's winter artwork made this week
Last but not least, a blurry picture of our tree! lol


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing. Lovely photo's. Aidan is three? I'm excited to have Landen get to that age. I tried to read about St. Nicholas and he lost attention quickly, would have helped if I actually had a book I suppose.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Don't you just LOVE Christmas!

Crystal said...

Love the pictures!