Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cutting Edge?

Where do we draw the line as schools attempt to crack down on safety?
I know it's not just schools. Heck, you can't usually get away with a nail file on a flight these days!
I'm in favor of zero-tolerance policies, but I don't think zero-tolerance should take the place of common sense and good judgement. Fine, let's get all "cutting edge", but we can't just throw the for mentioned out the window! (or can we?)

Stories such as this truly make me consider homeschooling on a much deeper level. Yes, the girl should not have had a steak knife at school. Her parents or responsible guardians should have prevented this from ever happening. But it did happen. And instead of her spending the entire day in the Principal's office, she wound up going to juvie, kiddie jail. (By the way, it's in the article that she never made any threats or anything. She was just eating her lunch)

Was that really necessary? Escort her away in a police car and take her to juvenile assessment center? Makes me sigh heavily.


Morgan Leigh said...

Wow! A ten year old taken to Juvy?!?

Wow. wow. That was crazy.

She just needed to cut her lunch. I've taken steak knives with me to cut up something in Elementary school before.

I didn't go to Juvy.

Eliofamily said...

Oh my goodness. Why didn't they just take the knife?

Not for nothing, but how much damage can a knife do? The big school killings have all involved GUNS. A steak knife in the hands of a ten year old, yes, obviously she should leave it at home, but she was cutting up her meal, not threatening anyone.

Wow. Some school officials seem to enjoy dramatics. If I were the parent of that kid, I'd be figuring out a way to sue for the damage it did to my kid, to be ARRESTED for cutting up her lunch.