Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

I love the clip below, from ELF. One of my favorite Christmas songs, and appropriate for the post. :)

Sunday our area was blanketed in snow...about 8.5 inches. It was beautiful to watch, falling down all day, perfectly landing on the ground, not neglecting to cover one area of green.

It was freezing outside, literally (under 20 degrees), but we did get out for a few minutes to make a snow angel and play.
(Aidan & I playing in the snow)

(I just love this shot, the snow untouched, laying perfectly)
(the sun was shining down, and I found this to be yet again, just beautiful)


Andrea said...

The clip was great, I don't remember much from that movie.

The picture of you and Aidan is so cute! What a great mom.

It is cold outide, and those pictures of the un-touched snow are really pretty.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Andrea. :)